The 11th International Conference on Civil Engineering
Nanchang Institute of Technology (南昌工程学院)

Nanchang Institute of Technology (南昌工程学院)

Nanchang Institute of Technology is one of the engineering undergraduate colleges and universities, which is mainly based on engineering, management, science, agronomy, literature, economics, and art.
The institute is located in a historical and cultural city, "the place where the flag rises" - Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi province. The school has two campuses of Yao Lake and Peng Jia bridge. It covers an area of 2046.9 mu, and the building area of school buildings is over 65 square meters. The total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is 223 million yuan. There are 1 million 329 thousand and 900 volumes of Chinese and paper books (1 million 500 thousand books of electronic books), 15 thousand and 400 volumes of foreign paper books (503 thousand and 600 books of electronic books), 1418 kinds of periodicals, 24 Chinese and foreign databases, and full coverage of campus wireless networks. The school has 1454 faculty members, of whom 1050 are full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 452 senior titles, accounting for 43.05%, and 860 of them are 81.90%. There are 1 people with the national "100 million talent project in the new century", 1 Chinese and young experts with outstanding contributions, 4 special subsidy experts from the State Council, 8 professors at the level of two, and the candidates for the 555 talent project of the Jiangxi Province, the special allowance of provincial government, the provincial owners and the academic and technical leaders of the province. Only 77 people. 2 Nobel laureates were invited to be honorary professors of the school, and 9 talents from Yangtze River scholars, thousand person program scholars and outstanding youth of China were introduced flexibly.
The institute has set up School of Water Conservancy and Ecological Engineering, College of Civil and Architectural Engineering, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Information Engineering, Institute for Business Administration, Institute of Economics and Trade, Institute of Humanities and Art, College of Science, Institute of Foreign Languages, Institute of International Education, Marx School, Ministry of Physical Education and Sergeant, Yao Lake College and School of Continuing Education, 15 Teaching Colleges (Department) in total, with current full-time 17386 students, 53 undergraduate majors, two disciplines to recruit master degree students. 
The institute insists on training objectives of applied talents, pays close attention to the quality of education and teaching, strengthens the cultivation of good academic atmosphere, and cultivates higher quality of personnel training. The employment rate of graduates has exceeded the average level of the province for nine consecutive years, and the proportion of graduate students obtaining practice certificates is over 50% and the employment rate is 100%. In the past five years, students won the first prize of the National Challenge Cup extracurricular academic competition in science and technology works, and 376 national awards, such as the "golden youth" business plan competition gold award.
The institute adheres to the school motto of "self-improvement and knowledge" and the school philosophy of "surrounding water science, building application type", carries forward the school style of "pioneering, diligent, realistic and civilized". It has trained more than 10 high-quality applied talents for the local and water conservancy industries, and made positive efforts for the development of the economic and water conservancy industries. To contribute, to win a good social reputation.
    学校坐落于历史文化名城,“军旗升起的地方”——江西省省会南昌市。学校拥有瑶湖和彭家桥两个校区,占地面积2046.9亩,校舍建筑面积65万余平方米,拥有教学科研仪器设备总值2.23亿元。馆藏中文纸质图书132.99万册(电子图书150万册),外文纸质图书1.54万册(电子图书50.36万册),期(报)刊1418种,各类中外文数据库24个,校园无线网络全覆盖。学校现有教职工1454人,其中专任教师1050人。专任教师中,具有高级职称452人,占43.05%;博、硕士学位860人,占81.90%。拥有国家“新世纪百千万人才工程”人选1人,国家有突出贡献的中青年专家1人,享受国务院特殊津贴专家4人,二级教授 8人,江西省“赣鄱英才555人才工程”人选、省政府特殊津贴专家、省主要学科学术和技术带头人等省级人才77人。聘请2位诺贝尔奖得主为学校名誉教授,柔性引进长江学者、千人计划学者、国家杰青等杰出人才9人。