The 11th International Conference on Civil Engineering
Hubei Zhongke Institute of Geology and Environment Technology(湖北省众科地质与环境技术服务中心)

Hubei Zhongke Institute of Geology and Environment Technology(湖北省众科地质与环境技术服务中心)

Hubei Zhongke Institute of Geology and Environment Technology (hereinafter referred to as the "institute") is located in Wuhan, Hubei province. Under the background of a series of reform measures, such as the transformation of government functions, the decentralization of power, and the purchase service to the social organization, the institute is initiated by Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University of Technology. Jointly sponsored by experts and scholars, it was approved and registered in Hubei provincial Civil Affairs Department in September 2014.
The institute establish contact with experts at home and abroad and establish an expert library in related fields, and maintain good cooperative relations with relevant state ministries, universities and scientific research institutions. The institute mainly conducts various forms of scientific and technological services such as science and technology consulting of geology and environment and related projects, project technical review, technical training and academic conferences, provides advice for relevant government departments and focuses on providing innovative societies for the government, enterprises and scientific research institutes through the integration of excellent resources in the industry. 
In order to enhance the understanding and exchange of related industries, encourage the enthusiasm and creativity of the related industry workers, and provide a high-level and comprehensive academic exchange platform for the industry workers, the institute leads the International Academic Conference on related specialties, and invites experts and scholars at home and abroad to participate in the conference. Extensive research has been done on new theories, new methods and application issues in related fields, and all the essays sponsored by the centre have been searched by EI.
The institute is committed to building a service platform for scientific and technological innovation, providing all-round and multi-channel technological innovation services for enterprises and institutions, strengthening the integration of resources, strengthening academic exchanges, promoting the development of scientific and technological services, and improving the ability of scientific and technological services in an all-round way.